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Want to Play Android Games on PC? Check How You Can Play Android Games Without Mobile

Do you love playing android games on your android device? If the answer’s yes then chances are your phone usually runs on low battery and you need to charge it often, since games do take up a lot of power to run. One thing you could do is play games while the charger is still plugged in but there are better ways to play your android games without losing all your battery power. You can simply run your favorite android games on your PC with the help of an emulator of your choosing.


First, let’s talk about “Manymo”. It’s one of my least favorite android games emulator but it does have particular features that other emulators do not. It’s an emulator that stands out from the crowd because it is the only one that is browser based. What this means is, you can play your favorite games in your favorite browser! If you’re into game development then you can upload your games and test them out online. This emulator however does have its shortcomings especially since it’s browser based. You will come across a lot of lag which will lower the enjoyment-value of the game you’re trying to play.


On second place we have “Windroy”, a very simple and easy to use android games emulator. It can be installed on any Windows PC like a normal program. Due to its design, it is able to run directly on the Windows architecture and as a result of this, it is lag free and can be used to run 3D based games. I would pick the “Windroy” over the “Manymo” any day – just because I want to avoid the lag of a browser based emulator.


“Genymotion” is a rather interesting android games emulator which has three versions. The free version lets you do basic gaming without any hassle. If you’re an indie game developer, the company does charge you a hefty $136 but at the same time they also give you access to pretty much every single feature the emulator has.

However, if you’re plan on doing business using the software then you have to cough up a whopping $412 and the only difference you will find in this version as opposed to the “indie version” is faster support. The free version of the software will allow you to play android games on a big TV screen so you will get the “console feel” to it.


“YouWave” is yet another desktop emulator which has been confirmed to have run on the Windows XP, Vista and 7. The program comes with a few common games which can be played right after the program is installed. A cool thing about it is that you can download games from a few app stores. The emulator has features such as dynamic rotating and virtual SD card for saving games, it also supports online multiplayer gaming. The only problem with this one is that it does not have a free version although there is an option to run the emulator for a 7 day trial period for free.


Last but not least, we have “Bluestacks”; it is a free to use software that can run android apps on both Windows PCs and Tablets. The emulator comes with a few featured games as part of the basic installation, but chances are your favorite game isn’t going to be in there so you need to use Bluestacks’ cloud connect feature.

This is an amazing option that lets you synchronize the apps from your android device with the emulator installed on your PC in pretty much the same way an iDevice such as an iPod would synchronize with the iTunes software. You need to install the games after your device is synchronized with the emulator.

Are you ready to play your favorite Android games on your PC? These emulators should do the trick; make your pick and let’s get this party started!

Please get in touch in the comments below and share any cool android games emulators you may know of.

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