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The Death of Guest Blogging as We Know It

Guest blogging is one of the link building tactics that survived Google’s ruthless penalization for many years. But for how long will guest blogging survive? Most of the guest bloggers I know are very ethical and do not engage in spammy tactics, but there is no denying that there are many who guest blog for the sake of links and don’t add value to the content consumers. Guest blogging used to be an authentic practice some few years ago, but it has been polarised by spammers in the past few years and I think it’s only a matter of time before Google put some penalties in place to curb this problem.

Guest blogging as a link building tactic is dead. If you still allow guest bloggers to insert keyword rich anchor links in the body of the articles they provide to your blog, then you are done, unless if the guest blogger reference quality informative sites without using keyword rich anchor texts, then that cannot be regarded as spammy. The problem is much more complex than anyone can imagine, because not all guest blogging activities are spammy. There are a lot of quality and authentic guest bloggers out there and it is going to be interesting to see how Google deals with this complexity if or when they decide to disregard guest blogging links.

As an SEO professional I am very much in support of the move to disregard guest blogging for SEO, but we have to be very carefully not to generalise and put a red tape on the whole practice. There are a lot of bad things that came with guest blogging for the past few years, but there are also a lot of positives that came with guest blogging and we can’t overlook that. Guest blogging is about like-minded individuals sharing ideas in the form of content and the biggest winners out of this are the consumers, we must not forget that before we totally disregard guest blogging and give it thumbs down. And I am saying this from experience because I have always enjoyed guest bloggers’ insights from SEO sites like Moz, Search Engine Land and many more.

There are only two problems to guest blogging that I believe Google should focus on in order to protect this practice, Spammy links in the form of keyword rich anchor text in the body section of articles and low quality content with those spammy links. The low quality content scenario might be harsh because someone can write non spammy content unaware that it is regarded as low quality, but the jury is out on that one. Matt Cutts summed it up very nicely on his blog post about the decay of guest blogging.

But I am afraid this is the death of guest blogging as we know it and we have to thank persistent spammers for that.

Do you think guest blogging is dead or is still a big part of content marketing and SEO? Share your views in the comments below.

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Mashilo J Mothemane
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Mashilo J Mothemane

Mashilo is a digital marketing strategist with primary focus on SEO and search. keeping up with the industry trends and coming up with tangible SEO strategies is his daily bread.
Mashilo J Mothemane
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