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Yet Another Smart Phone Launch – Yeay?

Firecrackers Who in this day and age still feels that another smart phone launch deserves fireworks? With the smartphone market literally being a technological sewage pool, one would assume that another smart phone launch going forward in 2013 would be approached with simplicity. But yet again, that’s not how marketing works – and that’s a story for another day.

Leading up to the iPhone 5s release date, service providers have announced intentions to open shop at 4am. This is all in an effort to get those hyped up about yet another “smart phone launch” ready to test drive the new supercharged phone which as history has it, has predictable upgrades. Let’s look into them;

Another “Fresh operating system”, iOS 7 …

Dubbed as Apple’s first big cosmetic makeover of its mobile operating system, the software is said to also offer a “new” visual experience. For navigating around the iPhone 5s, the iOS 7 is said to also promise much “improved multitasking”, may we ask what was wrong with the previous one?

…that will enhance the traditional look with a slightly different feel.

Iphone 5sKeeping to its traditional design, Apple generally makes its new iPhone additions –whether the normal (eg. iPhone 4, 5…) or Supercharged (eg. iPhone 4s, 5s…), retain their class. And this is done through one simple act – keeping the same design. Something to note this time around is the option of colour. Apple is said to have replaced the black & slate option from the iPhone 5 with a new “space gray” (with black front) colour.

But perhaps this deserves a fire cracker…

Iphone Fingerprint Scanner

Hidden somewhere in the predictableness of Apple’s latest offering is Apple’s Touch ID sensor. This biometric fingerprint sensor is basically about teaching the phone your fingerprints. In essence, as an owner of the phone, you should be able to unlock the phone by simply pressing the home button while everyone else will need a passcode.

Perhaps it’s worth also mentioning that the camera has been enhanced – but that is also another feature easily predicted.

So on November 15th as the various Apple distributors open shop at 4am for yet another smart phone launch –  I will be catching butterflies in my dreams. Rest assured that whatever trend you have picked up over the past few years regarding smart phone feature upgrades still applies. Yes this is Apple we are talking about, the world’s biggest brand, but I think it’s safe to reserve those fireworks for this generation’s next biggest innovation. Smartphones are not out of this world anymore.

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