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Blog Comments Link Building – Google Just Opened a Can of Worms

The recent Google webmaster video series where Matt Cutts gave clarity on a question about blog commenting as a link building method raises a lot of questions about the state of link building in 2013 and Google’s efforts to get rid of spammers. Blog comments were my first form of link building strategy when I started in the SEO industry a while ago and it was good back then, but this is 2013 and things have changed a great deal since then. The method was abused to the extent that many site and blog owners found it difficult to differentiate a genuine blog comments and spammy link builders looking for quick links.

Matt Cutts talked about using the blog comments in an organic way to build links, but from experience we know that Google preaches something and on the other hand implements totally a different thing. The question to ask is how is too much too much in Google’s eyes? How are they going to figure out if someone is spamming with the blog comments or not? A good spammer will leave very good blog comments on several high PR sites and that according to Matt Cutts is going to be considered a good organic way of engaging in a constructive debate with like-minded people while getting a backlink to your site in the process.

Below is a video where Matt Cutts gives clarity on this issue.

My argument might be far-fetched but having been in the industry for this long I know that a lot of SEO professionals are going to take it as a form of endorsement from Google that blog comments link building is back in play and most are going to incorporate this in their search strategies. And as we know with unethical SEO professional, the blog comments link building technique is going to be abused again like it did in the early years of SEO because of these latest statements from Google. And the most surprising thing about all of this is that for the first time in a while Matt Cutts gave a straight answer when being faced with a question unlike on the other Google webmaster help videos, and this is one question where he was supposed to keep us guessing and not give a definite answer because of the nature and the history of this blog comments link building issue.

Blog comments as a link building method has just been resurrected and it’s all thanks to Google. They might not have done it directly and intentionally but it has caught the attention of inbound marketers and it is a well known fact that when we get introduced to something we abuse it until Google pulls the plug. When a new way of influencing search ranking results is found, SEO professionals are like a dog with a bone and this blog comments endorsement is no exception.

If you feel that I might be out of line, give me a piece of your mind in the comments below.

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Mashilo J Mothemane

Mashilo is a digital marketing strategist with primary focus on SEO and search. keeping up with the industry trends and coming up with tangible SEO strategies is his daily bread.
Mashilo J Mothemane
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