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Are Google Authorship Rich Snippets Influenced by Keyword Search Ranking?

Google authorship has been in the spotlight lately since Google announced they are going to reduce the appearance of Google authorship rich snippet in their search results to as high as 25%. And a lot of content authors have experienced a drop in the authorship rich snippets appearance in the search results since the announcement by Google.

As someone who has followed these developments very closely, there is something very important that I have realised regarding the relationship between Google Authorship and keyword search ranking. What I have discovered is that the appearance of the author picture in the search results is determined by the keyword search ranking. So in other words, the higher your keyword search ranking the more likely your authorship rich snippets will appear in the search results.

Let’s look at one of the articles I wrote regarding the “Not Provided” keyword in Google Analytics.

The screenshot below is of the page appearing in the search results on page 14 (position 140) of Google South Africa, it is very important to note that the authorship rich snippets does not appear in the search results for this keyword due to the fact that the page is ranking on page 14 of the search results.

Keyword used – Not Provided Keywords

Then again I looked at the same page but for a different keyword and because the keyword ranked on page 3 (position 28) in the search results, the authorship rich snippets appeared in search. See the screenshot below:

Keyword used – Solution to Not Provided Keywords

So this led to me believing that the appearance of Google Authorship rich snippets is partly influenced by the position of the page in the search engine results pages or in short keyword search ranking. Even though this might seem far-fetched, there is a big chance that the position of the page in the search results has an impact on the authorship rich snippets.

Do you agree that the position of the keyword has an effect on Google Authorship? If you don’t then tell me what you think in the comments below.

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Mashilo J Mothemane
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